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Latest crop of Tench and Barbel 8-10″

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Will and the team have just netted prior to sale a lovely batch of 8-10″ green tench and barbel.  Spawned on site and reared on from fry in stock ponds these quality fish are to be stocked in club waters in the north-west.



Barbel ready for stocking


8-10″ barbel



8-10″ Green tench

Green tench ready for stocking

Green tench ready for stocking

Barbel and chub stocking at Birkenhead

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

Next batch of fish delivered to Birkenhead some lovely 4-6″ chub.

Chub delivery to Birkenhead

Chub delivery to Birkenhead



Beautiful day for stocking some lovely barbel and tench up on the Wirral, Dec 2015

8-10" barbel

8-10″ barbel

Will unloading the fish

Will unloading the stock fish

F1’s and carp proving popular stocking choice

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

This year we have seen a high demand for our F1’s which are proving a popular choice for stocking into match waters.  Their ability to feed all year round has been a major factor in this with the float going under even in the winter months. Stockings that we did last year to club waters have reported improved catches throughout the summer and also into the autumn.

The growth rate of our stocks this year have been impressive and we have plenty of 6-8″ and 8-10″ for sale.  Will is delivering to both club and commercial fisheries all over the country.


F1's ready for sale

F1’s ready for sale

We are also stocking both mirror and common carp to various locations.  Always a popular fish for commercial and club waters.

Common carp

Common carp

Mirror carp

Mirror carp

Coarse fish stocking -Barbel stocking at Crewe

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

November 2014

Will is delivering a batch of barbel (2 year old fish)  to a fishery near Crewe.  They were spawned in the spring of 2013 and have grown really well over the past two summers.  More and more Barbel are being stocked into fisheries and although there is some reluctance on the part of the Environment Agency evidence shows that they thrive and contribute well to match weights and also provide great sport for the pleasure angler.

2 year old Barbel

2 year old Barbel

4-6" Barbel

4-6″ Barbel

October 2014

It is now the season for thinking about stocking or re-stocking your lakes with coarse fish.  Temperatures have dropped so that most species can now be moved successfully including silver fish such as bream and roach.  We are taking orders now.  If you are undecided and need advice on your stocking requirements then Will is available to discuss your stocking needs.

All our fish have been health checked and are ready for sale this winter.  We have already stocked some waters locally in Cheshire and further afield in Hampshire and North Wales.  Will and the team are busy most weeks netting our stock pools getting fish ready for sale.

The good weather this summer has meant that we have been able to feed fish late on in the season to maximise growth. The F1’s in particular are still feeding and after two summer’s growth we have seen  stocks grow to  8-10″ in two years.   Reports from last year’s stockings have shown how successful this fish can be in match and club waters.

We are also starting to move some silver fish and have some cracking 8-10″ bream always a popular restocking choice.  Later on we will also have some nice roach  and limited numbers of perch.

Application to register a fishery CEFAS form

Monday, November 25th, 2013

In order to stock a fishery, lake or club water most need to be registered by CEFAS which involves completing the appropriate form  This is a relatively straightforward process and usually the registration number for the stock waters is obtained within 2 weeks.  This number is needed for the Environment Agency application form for stocking coarse fish.